25 April, 2010

"Welcome To The Mosque, And I Am Your Tour Guide"

It was Wednesday when I just finished meeting The Chief Imam of Masjid Negeri Sultan Ahmad 1 in Kuantan. Although I've attended two training sessions on Mosque Tour Guide, here and here - a dakwah program initiated by Islamic Outreach ABIM (IOA), this was the first time I had the real experience in assisting tourists who paid a visit to this beautiful mosque. I and Mahadi were having a post-meeting discussion at the mosque's exit door when this family came into the picture.

Natasha : Can we enter this building?
Hisyam : Of course, come with me to the main entrance.
Natasha : Thank you very much.
Hisyam : What should I call you madam?
Natasha : My name is Natasha and these are my children Zoey and Adam.
Hisyam : What a nice name. I'm Hisyam and I will be your tour guide.
Natasha : That's good, thank you very much.
Mahadi : Where do you from madam?
Natasha : Australia.

Mosque Tour Guide (MTG) is one of the dakwah programs which initiated by IOA. Masjid Negeri of Kuantan is the fifth mosque after Masjid Negara, Masjid Jamek KL, Masjid Putrajaya and Masjid Shah Alam. MTG in Kuantan is a joint venture program between IOA, ABIM Pahang as well as the Masjid Negeri Sultan Ahmad 1 which also represents Islamic Affairs Department of Pahang.

There are a lot of things which best describe this dakwah program. Firstly, it is a unique program and obviously different from the conventional dakwah programs. Though the method is the same - spreading messages of Islam, but it focuses on the tourists who come to visit the mosque. Secondly, the real challenge of this dakwah is the English as the medium of conversation. Therefore, the MTG volunteers must ensure that they are able to communicate with the tourists in English. Finally, and for me is the most important thing is the role played by ALlah as the Almighty God. Where the ordinary dakwah programs we need to find people to be our participants (and sometimes we failed to get even single one), this unique dakwah is blessed by Him when ALlah sent to us tourists to His house and let us to convey the message of Islam in the form of mosque.

Coming back to this Aussie family, I've a great time with them. They knew about Islam and asked more about it during the tour session. Natasha thought that Muslim pray 7 times per day and she asked me whether it is true. I corrected her by saying that we only pray 5 times a day. Zoey asked a lot on the mosque and it's functios. I explained to her about prayer hall, pulpit, minaret, dome, minbar (I forgot its English term), ablution area, multi purpose hall and classrooms. Adam was more interested in taking pictures of the architecture of the mosque.

Hey guys.. we need more volunteers to join this unique dakwah program. Why not you join us and waiting for the tourists especially during weekends. This program will give you a new experience in our efforts to fulfill our obligation as the khalifah and servant of ALlah.

HM - tujuan utama entri ini adalah untuk mengajak seramai mungkin sesiapa yang berminat menjadi sukarelawan MTG. Bukanlah sangat pasal cerita saya pun..

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Webmaster@Echam said...

Menarik dan rasenyer masih baru di Malaysia. Kalau di luar negara mmg ada program ni.

Hisyam Muhibah said...

Echam - ya, memang menarik. Kalau berminat bolehlah join.. kat Malaysia dah ada dah. di Kuantan ni yang ke 5. Yang dah ada di Masjid Negara, Masjid Jamek KL, Masjid Putrajaya dan Masjid Shah Alam.

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